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Concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) and Six Sigma Certification

TQM (Total quality management)

  • TQM is a concept given by W. Edwards Deming.
  • TQM has main focus on customer satisfection & continuous quality improvement.
  • In TQM “quality is a degree of exellence and total means the sum total of every process, every job, every resouces, output etc

Principles or Characteristics of TQM:

1)  Total employees  participation / involment :-

  • Ensure participation of all employees  who can help in achiving common goals by improving their  efficiency .
  • Management has to provide proper working enviroment and training  to their employees

2) Customer Focus :-

  • Ultimatly customers determine level of quality
  • Management should focus on customers by improving quality of product and survices ,  employess .

3)  Fact based decision making :-

  • Management should take any decision on the basis of fact.
  • Before taking any decision  management should collect statical data and past performances.

4) Continuous Improvement :-

  • Main objective of an organisation to maintain same level of performance at all time .
  • For that top management always   try to promote quality, creativity & innovation to achive it.
  • Focus on five things to ensure constinuous  improvement by TQM :
  1. Demand generation
  2. Supply generation
  3. Technology 
  4. Operation
  5. Employees efficiency

5) Communication  :-

Menagement  should ensure any change in plan of organisation, any new decision shaell be communicated to employees .



  • Main focus on TQM.
  • Six sigma nothing but continuous defect disciplined,  statistical-based, data-driven quality control program.
  • It is a quality control program.
  • It helps in eliminating defects in any product, process or service.

Components, techniques or tools of six sigma -

Six sigma training & certification level -

1. Six Sigma Champion :-

  • It is most basic form of sigma statification.
  • A champion understands the theory of six sigma management.

2. Six Sigma Green Belt :-

  • Who completing training with team member.
  • Who completed six sigma project.

3. Six Sigma Yellow Belt :-

  • Who has passed the green belt certification examination but not yet completed a six sigma project.

4. Six Sigma Black Belt :-

  • A black belt recieves the highest level of the traing in the statical tool of six sigma.
  • Black belt usually train other team member on the proper use of six sigma

5. Six Sigma Master Black Belt :- 

  • Black belt is classically trained in statical tools.
  • Master black belt mentor and direct group of black blet and six sigma team through various problem.

Need of six sigma -

  • Helps in improving efficiency in an organisation.
  • Based on fects & statical data.
  • Reduces the cost of work.
  • Helps in reduction of defects.
  • Helps to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Helps in quality improvement.

How the six sigma work -


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